What Is DaVinci Resolve?

As we’ve already discussed in the Best Free Video Editor article for YouTube, that DaVinci Resolve 14 is the best free software you can get for YouTube editing purposes or for beginner and professional filmmaker editing purposes. But what exactly is DaVinci Resolve? What are the advantages? What are the drawbacks? Why don’t we use more famous software like Adobe Premiere Pro?

Beginning of DaVinci Resolve

From the name we can guess that DaVinci Resolve is taken from the name of the genius: Leonardo da Vinci. It makes sense indeed, a software that deals with art is taken from the name of an art master.

DaVinci Resolve was originally a software made by a company from the United States named da Vinci Systems in 2004. At that time the name was da Vinci Resolve (with the initial letter d small and without spaces). da Vinci Systems itself is a company engaged in the film industry. They are famous for ‘film people’ products such as: color corrector, color grading, digital mastering system and film restoration.

Now, for the color corrector business, da Vinci Systems has two solutions. These are hardware-based solutions (da Vinci Renaissance 888, da Vinci 2K and da Vinci 2K Plus) and software-based solutions, namely da Vinci Resolve!

After 25 years (oh yes, da Vinci Systems was founded in 1984), in 2009, da Vinci Systems was acquired by another film company. Namely Blackmagic Design. A company founded in 2001 and based in Australia. Since that acquisition DaVinci Resolve software has evolved into the software we know today.

Why do I call it evolve?

As I mentioned, da Vinci Systems is a film company. The hardware and software used by the industry is not hardware / software that can be purchased and used by the general public. Because the price is expensive and requires special expertise to operate it.

I did not find out what the price of da Vinci Resolve software was during the initial release, from the information I got this software needed $ 500,000 (Rp6,770,750,000) of hardware to run!

Compare with now. You can download DaVinci Resolve for free and run it on a computer with not too high specifications.

An evolution that can change the film industry in the future!

Adobe Premiere Pro Challenger

Adobe Premiere Pro is no doubt a non-linear video editing software that is popular and widely used by filmmakers out there. Many YouTube users use Adobe Premiere Pro. Because you can easily find tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro and learn to use the software, and there is a lot of discussion and help that you can rely on when experiencing problems using Adobe Premiere Pro.

I myself am also an Adobe Premiere Pro user. Or arguably the former Adobe Premiere Pro user. Because honestly, I have been using pirated Adobe Premiere Pro.

While using Adobe Premiere Pro, there is always a sense of guilt in me every time I open Adobe Premiere Pro on my computer. Because I myself am a graduate of Information Systems whose work relates to software. I know how hard it is to build a software and what it feels like as a result of our hard work doesn’t work. From that guilt, I tried to find an alternative video editing software that could replace Adobe Premiere Pro. That’s when I discovered DaVinci Resolve 14.

From my experience, I can confirm that DaVinci Resolve is a serious challenger to Adobe Premiere Pro. Not only because this software is free, but the performance of the software itself exceeds Adobe Premiere Pro. Even though I currently use limited hardware, I can confirm that DaVinci Resolve is faster than Adobe Premiere Pro.

In addition, the ease of use. It only took me a few hours to get started using DaVinci Resolve and edit videos as soon as I edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Even faster!

I cannot explain further how DaVinci Resolve 14 can be a serious challenger to Adobe Premiere Pro. But certainly, you will prove it yourself from the tutorial using DaVinci Resolve 14 on this blog.


From my experience of approximately 15 days using DaVinci Resolve 14, I was able to find some of the advantages of DaVinci Resolve 14 compared to other software.

  • Free! Definitely.
  • Multi-platform. You can install DaVinci Resolve 14 on Windows, macOS X and Linux!
  • Rendering fast! Much faster than Adobe Premiere Pro!
  • Easy to use! It’s as easy as using Windows Movie Maker!
  • The function of the software is well organized. Not messy.
  • Free! You can use DaVinci Resolve 14 free of charge!


And of course, there is no perfect software. Here are some shortcomings that I found for about 15 days using DaVinci Resolve 14:

  • Bug. Because DaVinci Resolve 14 is classified as new software, bugs are natural.
  • Rigid navigation. Maybe because I’m not used to it, I often accidentally delete something I don’t want to delete and accidentally overwrite something I don’t want to overwrite.
  • Be careful and careful before rendering. Before doing the rendering process, you will be faced with several choices that must be carefully chosen. I once spent 2 hours rendering, but the result was no sound because I forgot to choose the audio channel that would be rendered.

The Last

I hope this article can give you a little description of what DaVinci Resolve really is. I must admit that this article does not contain much information because it is rather difficult to find information about DaVinci Resolve on the internet. Whereas I have only used this software for approximately 15 days. It still takes time for me to master this software and share it with you through this blog.

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