How to Quickly Learn to Edit Videos

If you are someone who wants to learn to edit videos / movies, or you want to become an editor without having to go to college / courses or take training that costs money, here I will give you tips that you can follow to learn quickly to be able to edit videos.

Master the shortcuts

Shortcuts are shortcuts to doing things. For example, if you want to change the tool, you can simply press one of the letters on the keyboard without having to look in the menu or pallet tool. A professional editor, they always adjust / custom shortcuts by changing according to their wishes, how often they use the tool and mostly adapted to shortcuts that are also used for other software.

Choose the software you like

There are dozens or even hundreds of video editing software. It depends on your needs, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, professional or further level.

Every software has its own advantages and disadvantages, but returns to your needs and user friendliness towards the software. with you choosing the preferred software, you can easily understand the ins and outs of software such as where to file cache, custom workspace, custom shortcuts, software properties and others.

Pahami format dan codec

This is the basis of knowledge that must be understood. When you edit a project, you must know what format the material you are going to edit and what the final format will be given to the client / tv station. This is to shorten the time and avoid accumulating material in the hard drive. Because each TV station requires a different format for playback on air. Broadly speaking “format” is the type of video [mov, avi, mts, m2t, mpg, mp4 and others]. While the codec is also called a compressor which is the player engine of the video [Apple prores, animation, xdcam, dv pal, mpeg imx, h264 and others]. Codecs can affect the size / size of a file.

Watch lots of tutorials

Today many editors or coaches share ways to edit on youtube. You can freely see and get the knowledge of editing. It must be understood that, everyone has their own way, both in terms of feeling or technical, then you have to adjust to your way.

Menonton film

Watching movies can also support the treasury of outcrops and effects. The trick, watch the movie that you have watched before. If all this time you watch movies carried by the storyline, in this way, you do not focus on understanding the story, but rather focus on learning and thinking about how to make effects or make certain outcrops in the film. Start thinking “how did he make it?”

Become an assistant / intern

This is the most effective way to learn to edit. Apprenticeship or become an assistant, besides being able to study, you might even get a little money. But don’t think of money first. Here your orientation is not work but for learning. If you think of money, I guarantee you will be forever stupid, because you feel that this way you have earned money. Focus on learning, obey the editor’s request, don’t deny or fight if told, because the editor gives you knowledge that you can use. If possible, don’t just be an assistant editor, find another editor. Because usually the knowledge you get will be different, you just need to adjust and choose your own way, which is better.

Gradually and add responsibility

I have discussed the responsibilities as an assistant editor here. Furthermore, to speed up learning to edit you must be gradual. That is, you have to learn it from the beginning, because otherwise you will be confused if you encounter problems that you did not know before. then adds responsibility. If you are an assistant who is only told to roughcut, start by asking your editor for permission to add to your responsibilities. Like for example you start to determine a good shoot choice, give effect, add music or something else. Your editor won’t mind, even prefers, as long as you back up the sequence first, because if the editor doesn’t like what you do, he can unpack it.

Don’t be lazy to learn, don’t think of rewards, but think about the knowledge you can get to make money and work.

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