HitFilm 4 Express: Make Your Own Film

HitFilm 4 Express: Make Your Own Film – Start making your own big movie with the HitFilm 4 Express app. Applications that began to exist since 2011 and until now have developed well from previous years. Where the application with the free version of HitFilm 4 is already in the Pro level that surprises users with various features similar to expensive software.

What kind of application is HitFilm 4 Exprees?

The best video editing application for PC, you can also find in the HitFilm 4 Express application software that has a lot in common with Sony Vegas. In addition, you can get it for free, the features contained in this application are classified in premium features that will make your videos more attractive and also very real time.

With this application you can also find various panels or features that have been offered to do video editing. Like the media panel, trimmer panel, timeline panel, and a collection of various effects and layer management that you can use to your heart’s content.

4 Exprees HitFilm Feature

As a very remarkable application, the Exprees 4Film certainly is equipped with great features as well. The main features of 4 Exprees HitFilm, namely:

  1. Free or there are no subscription fees imposed when using this application.
  2. Software with unlimited visual effects, meaning you can use it whenever and wherever you are.
  3. It has editing features and 3D composting, allowing you to make films with amazing 3D compositions.
  4. There are several tracking, proxy and other options that can develop your creativity in terms of video editing.
  5. This basic motion design and certification makes it easy for users, both beginner users and users at the professional level.
  6. 140+ built in 2D and 3D effects are available, including in removing green screen and color grading.
  7. You can also expand the effect for your videos in all areas, because a complete package of effects is available.
  8. Many free tutorials that can be used as reference material for editing your videos.
  9. This application is also available on PC and Mac.

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