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Lightworks is one of the best video editors to get awards. This application turned out to have existed and was used by professionals in the film industry since the early 1990s. The pro version of Lightworks has been used by professionals to create great films such as Pulp Fiction, Heat, Hugo, The King’s Speech, and others. So the ability is undoubted. Although it has been widely used professionally but we cannot learn it just overnight, we need to try constantly until we can master it well.

Start Lightworks

This application can be downloaded at After downloading and installing it, we can immediately open this application. When opened, a blue display appears that dominates the screen. If we are disturbed by overfilling the screen then click on “System Settings” at the bottom left corner of the screen and set “Fullscreen wondow” to “No”.

From the System Settings menu, we can customize some aspects of the display between faces. This is in accordance with our wishes for example if you want the color of the window to change from blue to black or another.

Before we start, Lightworks needs to know the name and frame rate of the video project to be edited. The frame rate is also referred to as frames per second or abbreviated as fps. It is very important to know how many fps of our video is because the Lightworks application will not be able to record the frame rate. Fps itself is the speed of continuous display of video images.

Video can be said as a collection of images that are played quickly so that the image appears to move. Most home videos have speeds of 30-60fps and we may only see 24 fps when making a movie. If we don’t know what frame rate the video has, we can choose “auto” or open the video source on VLC then click on Tools> Codec Information. Here we will see a fairly long frame rate like 29.970030.

After that we go back to Lightworks. Create a new project by clicking the “Create” button. Then we see the settings of the project by clicking on the project name in the upper left corner of the application.

There we will see the basic details of the video project to be edited including the location where the file is stored. Meanwhile we don’t have to modify the project file on Lightworks. The location of the folder can only be modified using Lightworks Pro License. On the video tab make sure that the output format matches the material source.

Menu on Lightworks

At the bottom there is a tab “Tasks” which is used to monitor and turn off background processes such as importing, exporting, and rendering. Next to the project name in the upper left corner there is a “rooms” menu. We can use it as “scenes” from a movie or “episode” from a series or we can choose a particular layout when audio mixing, color correction or editing. We must prepare a “room” for each task. Each “room” will store the position of each open window and tool.

  • record: a tool for capturing videos from recording devices such as mini-DV camcorders
  • Import: a tool used to insert all digital digits such as video, images and audio
  • Create New Edit: open a new monitor destination with an addition.
  • Browse Project Contents: A browser where all imported media is found and organized in a folder known as “bins”.
  • Search: a search tool that comes from the old Lightworks feature, in fact this tool directly opens the browser contents project.
  • Play An Edit Out To Tape: this is used to export the edited video back to tape recording.
  • Export Edits, Clips, and Bins: Not only used to export edited videos but also backup output of our video projects.
  • Preference Editor: here we can save and restore the layout / position of the open tool. While this will not keep everything open this is useful for tidying up our work area. It is recommended to leave off and focus on learning keyboard commands.
  • Lucy: Lucy is the mascot of Lightworks.

Editing videos on Lightworks starts with importing the required material sources, namely the video to be edited. The trick is to choose Local File, choose the desired file location, then import methods such as Create Link, Copy Local, and Transcode. After this choose the video you want to import. We can choose several files using Ctrl or Shift. The file will then be entered into the timeline. Some steps for editing videos include:Editing Videos on Lightworks

  • For example cutting parts that are not cooled using a mouse. If it appears white then left click on the mouse.
  • A cut in yellow will appear indicating that the clip is separate from the cut.
  • Change to Trimview mode to display clip pieces on both sides. We need to press the preview button below the Viewer and start playing both videos. If you want to exit Trim View then close, press the close button.
  • After the editing process is complete, right-click on the edited video then select Export. Choose form export, there are options for camera formats, media files, interchange, backup, targets, and so on.
  • After that the city dialog will appear for the export option with the choice of format type. Complete all settings then click on the start button.

The latest Lightworks version 14.0 currently comes with new features with a more organized look. This new look will certainly help novice users learn video editing through Lightworks. According to the Editshare company that developed this application, in the latest version there will be around 400 changes including more than 70 new features. If you want to use this application you should use a modern PC with the specifications of the Intel i7 CPU, 3GB RAM with two high resolution displays.

Editing videos on Lightworks is indeed not easy. So for beginners there is no need to despair if at first it cannot operate properly. With the latest version, it is ensured that the operation will be simplified. Continue testing to get the correct editing process so that the results are also satisfying.

In addition to Ligthworks which is indeed recognized by film-makers, there are actually many other applications, one of which is Wondershare Filmora. This application is quite simple but still has reliable features for video editing needs. One of the advantages, namely the existence of video effects packages on the Filmora Effects Store that can make our videos more attractive.

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