Free Training Materials – Complete Edit Video Tutorial: Windows Movie Maker

Before trying to edit, pay attention to the menu that is in Windows Movie Maker 6.0. Here is an explanation of the menu that will be used for Video Editing using Windows Movie Maker:


I. Task:

1. Import
a. From Digital Video Camera

function to import Video from Digital Video Camera

b. Videos

Importing Videos from a Computer (Not all types of videos can be imported). Video Format: mpg, avi,

c. Pictures

function to import images into Project Video

d. Audio or Music

This menu serves to import Audio and Music into the Project

2. Edit
a. Imported

Media Return to the File menu that has been imported into Project Video

b. Effect

Giving Effects to Videos and Images

c. Transitions

Provides a transfer effect on One Image Video to another Image

d. Titels and Credits

Add Animated Text to Project Video

3. Publish To
a. This Computer

Save Video Files from Projet Videos that have been made to the computer

b. DVD

Save Video Files from Projet Videos that have been made to DVD

c. Recordable CD

Save Video Files from Projet Videos that have been made to DVD

d. E-mail

Adding Video Files from Projet Videos that have been created to E-mail

e. Digital Video Camera

Adding Video Files from Projet Videos that have been made to Digital Cameras

II. Project Video Menu

Before going to the video editing method, it is important to know the important simple menu that might make the Editing Participants Video a bit confusing, namely on the Project Video menu when doing the Editing Process

1. Timeline dan Story Board

2. View Timeline menu (Loop + and -)

(+) Used to view the Project Video Duration with more than one

(-) Used to view Video Video Duration with less time


1. Add Files to Project Video

Now you can start the basic tutorial from importing Project Video data in the form of images, videos and audio. Try to import Images from your computer by clicking Import Pictures (in the left Task menu screen)> Select Images from Computer> Select Import Menu

Drag (click, hold and slide) the image that will be entered into Project Video

2. Set the Long Duration of Images Shown in Video

In the Timeline Project Video menu you can set the Image Duration by Drag the end of the Image you want to Edit the Duration of Display

3. Giving Effects To Cut Video / Image Scene

Give Effects to Videos or Images by selecting the Effect Menu in Task Edit> Search for the desired effect> Then drag the selected effect to the Picture or Video you want to effect

4. Add Transitions to the Move Cut Video Scene

If you want to add Transitions to Pictures and Videos when cutting cut scenes select the Transitions menu found on the Task Edit left of the screen> Select the desired Transitions, then Drag to the Videos you want to transitions.

5. Add Text / Title / Subtitles to Video / Image (Cut Scene)

Adding Title and Credit Writing to the Video Image Scene by searching the Task Edit menu select the Titels and Credit animation menu then edit the Posts to your liking

6. Add Music or Audio to Project Video

If you want to add music and audio to the Project Video that you created you can take it from Import Media if you have not imported Music or Audio, you can import it first by selecting the Import Audio or Music menu then looking for the Music or Audio Sound File from your computer if you have selected click Import then Drag Music or Audio that you want to enter into Project Video to the Timeline Audio / Music line

7. Save Video Results to a Computer

If you are finished with Project Video Editing now you can save the results of the Video that you have made to your computer by selecting the Publish to This Computer menu and then changing it according to the Video Title you want. You can also arrange to save it to the Directory as you see fit. If you have selected Next.

You can choose the quality of the Video Output yourself according to your wishes. If you have selected Publish.

Now you have successfully created a Video using Windows Movie Maker 6.0

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