Free Training Materials – Complete Edit Video Tutorial: TECHSMITH CAMTASIA STUDIO 8

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8 is a Simple Editing software that has a pretty good and varied Video Editing Feature. Video editing using Camtasia I made middle class video editing material because of its features that are quite complete and easy to understand. Before starting Video Editing using Camtasia you can learn some basic menus that are important in Camtasia Video Editing Software.


1. Record The Screen

Record videos on a computer monitor screen

2. Import Media

Adding Data Files to Project Video that will be used to make Videos

3. Produce And Share

Save and share the results of the videos that have been made

4. Edit menu:

a. Clip bin

This menu is a menu for displaying Project Data Images and Audio Files that have been imported to Camtasia Studio 8

b. Library

The Music and Animation Data Files provided by Camtasia Studio 8

c. Callouts

Simple Animation Effects and Text Captions

d. Zoom in Pan

Used to give effect to close and further the video image

e. Audio

Adjusting Effects and Volume on Audio and Music

f. Transitions

Gives Effect Trasitions to the video cut scene image

g. Other

Crusor Effects, Visual Property, Voice Narations, Record Camera, Captions, Quizzing


The process of making a video should be initiated by editing the data to be edited in Project Video. As with other video editing software, select the import media menu to enter data files that will be made into videos such as video music audio images and others

If you have entered the video image and the others into the Project Video Timeline, you just have to arrange and sort as you wish. You can also effect the video according to the effects provided by the facility. Video editing software used.

If you have finished creating and editing the video to your liking, you can immediately save it in the form of a video to your computer. Click Produce and Share> Select Output results according to the quality of the video you want

Click Next, name the video and select the video output location on your computer according to the dreams. Wait until the Video building process is complete.

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