Free Training Materials – Complete Edit Video Tutorial: COREL VIDEO STUDIO PRO X6

Video editing using Corel Video Studio is a Professional Video Editing Material that I provide because this software has features that are very complete but in its use it is easier to understand than other video editing software.

To do video editing using Corel Video Studio Pro X6, I introduce the main menu that is often used for video editing using Corel Video Studio.



There are several Vital menus that are often used for editing videos using Corel video studio. the menus include:

1. Capture

Capture is used to record video from the monitor screen and take pictures directly from digital video

2. Edit

a. Media

This menu is a place for data collection of Project Video files that you have imported from your computer

b. Instant Project

Retrieve Data Files from Project Video provided by Corel Video Studio

c. Transition

Used to add transition effects when moving cut scene video images

d. Title

Menambag Text, Title, Effect Subtitles Posts with excellent aminations

e. Graphic

Adding a plain background image is usually used for the title background

f. Filter

Give effect to video images or cut scenes

g. Path

Gives animated effects to move on an image


This menu is used to store and share the results of the video project


Some information and information about additional menus on Corel Video Studio Pro X6 which is very helpful for video editing:

1. Story Board View and Timeline View

Use to see Project Video with a different view

2. Undo / Redo

Undo cancel the 1x process that has occurred Redo cancels the undo

3. Record / Capture Options

Usually used to record directly the process of recording both video and audio.

4. Sound Mixer

Editing Audio Music in more detail and detail

5. Auto Music

Add Music with Audio provided by Corel Video Studio

6. Track Motion

Effects of motion on Video

7. Subtitle Editor

Add and edit subtitles on a video scene


Like Video Editing in general, first import the data that will be used. Enter the Data File you want to display on the Project Video to be created, such as Image Video etc.

If you have entered the video image and the others into the Project Video Timeline, you just have to arrange and sort as you wish. You can also effect the video according to the effects provided by the facility. Video editing software used

After you are finished with the Video Editing process, now you just have to save it on the computer by clicking the Share menu> Create Video File> Select Video quality as you want> Name it and save it to the computer directory as you want.

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